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Cameras are usually the starting point for any security solution. They come in a wide variety, from expensive professional to compact covert cameras.


More and more clients prefer the high definition and excellent quality image IP cameras offer


Access Control is the process of restricting and monitoring access to a site.


For high volume traffic access control a gate is simply too slow and heavy for quick flow of vehicles.


Normal fences only provide a passive physical barrier for your perimeter.


Electronic alarm systems are made up of three component parts designed to detect, determine and deter criminal activity or other threatening situations.

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Aequitas Crime Prevention Systems (Pty) Ltd. is the sister company of Aequitas Security Solutions (Pty) Ltd. We ensure the safety of our clients by providing the prevention essentials and Aequitas Security Solutions will therefore assist in the Armed Response.

Together we have 22 years of experience and will assist in guiding our clients with the best solutions.

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